Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review

President Zhang ridiculed Park Shilu, and then let him come to the elder’s house casually. Pu Shilu admitted to the staff that it was the means of the elders, and Zhao Yirui accused Wu Xiuya and Zhang Genxiu. But Park Shilu stopped her severely, and the fierce words made Zhao Yirui angry. Zhang Genxiu chased out, Wu Xiuya found that Zhao Pu and the two were closer, and then left the store.

Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review

Zhang Genyuan once again came to please Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya told the other party that he hated him very much and Zhang Genyuan was speechless. Pu Shilu came to the elder’s house with time, and Zhang Zhang stepped forward step by step, and the road of life was almost cut off, just because Zhang Genxiu said that Pu Shilu was very powerful. Therefore, he wants to use this opportunity to educate his son. Not only that, even if Pu Shilu re-leases the house, he will still choose to buy real estate. Faced with this situation, President Zhang’s request was to sort out from the first button-initially Park Shilu refused to kneel is the beginning of everything. Therefore, he asked Park Shilu to kneel and admit his mistake. But this is Park Shilu’s inner conviction, and Chairman Zhang will naturally not discount this proud.

President Zhang told Park Shilu that this was the last chance. Park Shi-lu replied that the only way to end the grievance was to admit the crime and kneel to apologize. Park Shilu, who left handsomely, came out to meet Wu Xiuya, and the embarrassment of the two made Wu Xiuya tangled. Jiang Minjing and Li Haozhen also discussed the current situation of Pu Shilu. Zhao Yirui and Zhang Genxiu met on the road, Zhang Genxiu was stabbed by Zhao Yirui’s attitude, uneasy and nervous about the truth. The two came to the store and Xuanyi told Zhao Yirui that Park Shilu was worried about her. Zhao Yirui eased his attitude but Park Shilu was confused.

Wu Xiuya exchanged Gan Li with Chairman Zhang, and her words were blocked. For the first time in his life, President Zhang was uneasy because of a hairy kid like Pu Shilu. If he declared that he was an enemy, let him chew. Everyone in Ganli had fun at the dinner party, and Cui Shengquan performed Zhao Yirui’s joke contact tips. On the way out, Park Shilu called away Zhang Genxiu, who was not right, but Park Shilu, who had seen Zhang Genxiu’s thoughts, apologized to him. Zhang Genxiu, who was in pain, cried and apologized, leaning on Park Shilu’s shoulder and weeping. The rest of Gan Li came to the nightclub. Jin Tony was discriminated because of his skin nationality, and he left crying.

After understanding, Park Shilu and Zhao Yirui had an argument, which was stopped by Hyun Yi. The next day, several people saw the doorway of racially discriminatory nightclubs being sprayed and abused. Park Shilu, the initiator, communicated with Li Haozhen casually. Piao Shilu rejected Li Haozhen’s proposal to concentrate on investing. After he showed the plan to Li Haozhen, Li Haozhen was surprised. Zhang Genxiu told Zhao Yirui that he would resign in exchange for Gan Li’s safety. Zhao Yirui, who has deliberately ignored him all of a sudden, suddenly took his hand. Facing such a snobbish Zhao Yirui, Zhang Genxiu recalled the intimacy of the two of them. Park Shilu and Jiang Minjing met again, and Park Shilu decided to recycle 1 billion shares. He said that Jiang Minjing was touched by the fact that the shop was a man. Wu Xiuya came to Gan Li again, and Zhao Yirui pushed Zhang Genxiu out to resign.

When Park Shilu learned of it, he retained the younger brother. Zhao Yirui said that Zhang Genxiu would negotiate for his own purposes, so that President Zhang would not target Gan Li again. Zhao Yirui, who pretended to agree to this practice, was suddenly taken off by Pu Shilu, and he threw it hard on the ground. Pu Shilu said that Zhao Yirui was not qualified to be a store manager. Zhao Yirui collapsed and wept and said cruel words. She was angry with Pu Shilu’s intentions and irrationality. She paid hundreds of millions for a part-time job. Park Shilu said angrily that he didn’t want to be the same as President Zhang. This serious quarrel came suddenly and died like a wind. Pu Shilu’s apology did not make Zhao Yirui flinch. Zhao Yirui asked him to come up with practical countermeasures.

Pu Shilu recalled Jiang Minjing’s words, he wanted to protect his own people, do not want to be swayed by President Zhang. He said he wanted to buy a building. Everyone was shocked and looked at each other, Zhao Yirui was unbelievable, but Wu Xiuya told Zhao Yirui that he would not lie and invited her to talk. Wu Xiuya’s sincere words touched Zhao Yirui. Wu Xiuya said that she loves Park Shilu like that. She asked her if he would like him if he changed. Zhao Yirui kept thinking about the moment of his heart on the way back, and understood where his love was. What she loves is the persistent, bloody Pu Shilu who is so handsome and dazed. She apologized to Zhang Genxiu’s coquettishness, Zhang Genxiu’s half-truth confession, direct Zhao Yirui let him not get in the way.

Jin Tony has been looking for a biological father at the police station, and Gan Li suddenly discovered that Zhao Yirui’s social media used his influence to criticize the bad behavior of racism in nightclubs. Kim Tony finally came to work, but he insisted that he was Korean. Zhao Yirui is still tit-for-tat against his identity, but then Feng Feng turns to help him find his biological father. Jin Tony moved to avoid, Park Shilu once again wanted to kill the head, but Zhao Yirui asked to return the work card first. Unexpectedly, Park Shilu carried it with him, and the two were reconciled. Seeing everything, Zhang Genxiu felt sore. President Zhang knew that Park Shilu had bought a new building, but Xin Ganli was told by his neighbors that it was an ominous place where every store must be closed. Jiang Minjing on the other side recalled Pu Shilu’s words and recalled Father Pu. She met Park Shilu again, and Park Shilu frankly confessed her true ideals. This made Jiang Minjing hate and like it, and the two agreed again. If President Zhang chewed on Park Shilu repeatedly, he felt powerless for the first time. Wu Xiuya talked with Park Shilu. She saw through Park Shilu’s care and love for Zhao Yirui. Park Shilu smiled and acknowledged her importance. But Zhao Yirui smiled and came to President Zhang’s office.

Itaewon Class Episode 7 Review

Zhao Yirui ordered the meal for President Zhang, but President Zhang proposed a soup, a dish and a shochu test. While tasting the dishes, President Zhang asked the reason why Park Shilu took advantage of the stock of the long family. Wu Xiuya was surprised when she heard it, and Zhang Genyuan was unbelievable. Park Shilu said it was for the benefit, but President Zhang did not believe it. After using the meal, President Zhang once again despised Park Shilu and mentioned Father Park. Pu Shilu once again mocked him back with the words that Chairman Zhang used to describe himself, and Pu Shilu clearly told him his goal-to let them kneel and beg for mercy.

Itaewon Class Episode 7 Review

Zhang Genyuan was shocked by the momentum of Pu Shilu. But President Zhang said that his counterattack will not be merciless, and Park Shilu still treats his guests with courtesy and bows off to several people. But Park Shilu’s announcement of the counterattack was not an impulsive child’s behavior, but a means of paralyzing his opponent. He agreed to meet with Li Haozhen. Li Haozhen was a student who had suffered from campus violence for years before Park Shilu. He was humiliated and bullied by Zhang Genyuan again and again, and Park Shilu became that beam of light. When Park Shilu was in trouble, Li Haozhen came to the prison to visit Park Shilu. He didn’t thank him for coming to the prison, but accused Park Shilu of using the wrong method. He said that he had been using his own methods to resist, and then he frankly expressed his gratitude to Park Shilu and his desire for revenge. Park Shilu also frankly expressed his goal.

Li Haozhen expressed awkwardly that he wanted to help him. He gently pressed Park Shilu’s fist behind the glass. Today, Li Haozhen has become a financial asset operations division as he wishes, and he obeyed Park Shilu’s command to deliberately approach Jiang Minjing. Therefore, Park Shilu took advantage of Jiang Minjing. Jiang Minjing despised the poor and white Pu Shilu. At that time, Pu Shilu, who couldn’t get 2 billion, impressed Jiang Minjing with his natural momentum. His goal is clear, making Jiang Minjing the master of the elders. He did not want to defeat the long family, but the Zhang family. Jiang Minjing proposed the task of letting President Zhang go to Gan Li for dinner. If she completes this task that makes President Zhang care, she will become his help. It turned out that this is all the roots of interlocking. Jiang Minjing saw the result and made up his mind.

Chairman Zhang and Jiang Minjing played against each other, and there was something in each other’s words to test each other. President Zhang pretended to be “solitary,” but actually had evidence of Jiang Minjing’s cooperation with Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui couldn’t participate in Park Shilu’s plan, and felt depressed. Zhang Genxiu recalled Zhao Yirui’s words and wanted to ask further, but the irritable Zhao Yirui responded rudely and chose to leave. Li Haozhen told Park Shilu that if he wanted to achieve his goal, he was short of 12% of the shares and wanted to destroy President Zhang’s prestige. Park Shilu mentioned that the former criminal police might be the final trump card. Zhang Genyuan made mistakes in dealing with Park Shilu and the company’s operations. President Zhang called Zhang Genxiu, and the two broke up again because of their disagreement. Zhang Genxiu’s evaluation of Park Shilu hurt President Zhang.

Wu Xiuya contacted Pu Shilu. Facing Wu Xiuya’s troubles and struggles, Pu Shilu let her stick to her heart. Jin Li, Gan Li’s new clerk, has a black face but can’t speak English. Jin Yi, who is pierced, may be dismissed by Zhao Yirui. Zhang Genxiu and Zhao Yirui had a close relationship, and Zhao Yirui knew Zhang Genxiu’s liking and frankly used it. She half-truth encouraged Zhang Genxiu to inherit the elder’s family, leaving him speechless for a while. Zhao Yirui returned to the store, and Park Shilu, who had just encouraged Kim Tony to learn English, had to leave again. Zhao Yirui chased him. Zhao Yirui said that even if it was a private matter, he wanted to share with him. Park Shilu compromised, and then gave Zhao Yirui and Pantuo the past on the long-distance bus. The two came to the criminal policeman of the year, and the policeman was extremely indifferent to Park Shilu. But because of his conscience and confusion because of everything in those days, he finally couldn’t help but kneel in front of Park Shih and promised to pay any price. But Park Shilu’s request was that he surrender. As a single father, he was powerless to face his daughter.

Park Shilu returned to the room, and Zhao Yirui took the opportunity to lean on Park Shilu’s lap. She inadvertently found a scar on Park Shilu, and wept bitterly for him alone. At that moment, she realized that her heart was actually love. She vowed secretly in her heart that to protect him from injury, he would destroy all those who hurt him. Park Shilu gently calmed her at a loss. On the return bus, Park Shilu gently rested the sleeping Zhao Yirui on his shoulder…Zhao Yirui saw the hot business store and began to quarrel with the occasional Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya came to Ganli to borrow ice, and Zhao Yirui found that the owner had sold the house. The new landlord demanded a rent increase, which was recovered after half a year. If new tenants are not found within six months, Park Shilu will lose hundreds of millions of royalties, and moving away will affect business. Pu Shilu’s call to the new landlord wanted to communicate, but the call was to be President Zhang.

Itaewon Class Episode 6 Review

Zhao defended Wu Xiuya’s kiss with arrogance and arrogance, and in the name of criminal law, Park Shilu had nothing to say. Facing the frankness of Zhao Yirui’s pretense, the embarrassed Park Shilu could not question. Her rhetoric is watertight, and even calling for a car for Wu Xiuya will not allow Park Shilu to help. But Wu Xiuya, a general, decided to participate in the dinner. Facing the eyes of the two women at the same time, the embarrassed Park Shilu chose to agree. So the meal started in a very embarrassing and indifferent atmosphere.

Itaewon Class Episode 6 Review

At dinner, several people talked about the advantages of the shop. Zhao Yirui talked about Gan Li only got three points, but Park Shilu’s Qiu Chang’s caravan got five points. However, Pu Shilu said that Xuanyi would catch up with the taste of the elders. Zhao Yirui thought that Gan Li would take a different path, but Pu Shilu’s ambitions are far more than that. Wu Xiuya thought of this thoughtfully, and everyone certainly believed in Park Shilu.

Wu Xiuya and Zhao Yirui confronted each other in the bathroom, and 79% of them were anti-social personality Zhao Yirui. Zhao Yirui said that if she couldn’t get it, she would destroy Wu Xiuya. Zhang Genyuan performed very badly after going on a blind date. The woman’s choice of chicken reminded him of the shadows of his youth. Wu Xiuya saw the family portrait on the table of President Zhang and recognized Zhang Genxiu. President Zhang heard that he was serving as a waiter in Gan Li, but he was very surprised. President Zhang learned that Zhao Yirui saved Gan Li, but asked Park Shilu again. Wu Xiuya’s evaluation made Zhang Genyuan present unhappy. When he learned that Gan Li’s goal was to be a chain enterprise, Zhang Genyuan sneered, but President Zhang’s face remained calm. Secretly, Jiang Dean has been monitoring the chairman’s every move.

Zhao Yirui’s mother learned that Zhao Yirui did not attend university, but Zhao Yirui was still planning for Gan Li’s future. Sure enough, after Zhao Yirui returned home, her mother had a sudden attack and packed her luggage to let Zhao Yirui leave the house. Facing the tearful mother, Zhao Yirui thanked her mother and promised that she would have both love and success. Zhao Yirui and other people ran on Park Shilu at night, and Park Shilu discovered Zhao Yirui’s anomaly. Mentioned that he did not stop Zhao Yirui from working, but frankly needed her. Zhao Yirui was very happy to hear him say that. The new recruitment began, and some beautiful women came to apply, but the crisis made Zhao Yirui choose to eliminate. Then black Jin Toni came to apply, Zhao Yirui finally nodded his answer. After Zhao Yirui moved, he received a phone call from the TV station PD, Gan Li obtained a place to participate in the show, and Zhang Genxiu discovered Zhao Yirui’s feelings for Park Shilu.

Wu Xiuya behind Park Shilu learned that Park Shilu participated in the strongest caravan. Wu Xiuya expressed her position on Park Shilu, and it happened that Zhang Genyuan, who came to her, saw the intimate contact between the two. Zhang Genyuan knocked on the meaning of President Zhang and wanted to get rid of Park Shilu. But President Zhang thought that Park Shilu’s achievement was nothing more than that. President Zhang told Zhang Genyuan that if he could make Wu Xiuya a daughter-in-law, he would no longer let him blind date, and paying attention to Pu Shilu was only a test of Wu Xiuya. Pu Shilu entered the TV station, but found that Zhang Genyuan happened to be in charge of the show. Zhang Genyuan used Wu Xiuya to provoke Park Shilu and poked at each other. Pu Shilu learned of Wu Xiuya’s plight from Zhang Genyuan.

Later, Zhang Genyuan also hinted that Wu Xiuya would trouble Park Shilu on the show, and Wu Xiuya was mad to hang up the phone. On the other side, Zhao Yirui hangs up the phone annoyed because of the show, and Park Shilu just happens to come in. Park Shilu recalled the words of Wu Xiuya and Zhang Genyuan, and offered to walk away to Zhao Yirui who came to comfort. Wu Xiuya encountered Park Shilu’s mention of the broadcast, but Park Shilu exposed it lightly. And this time Park Shilu was extremely indifferent to Wu Xiuya, making Wu Xiuya very lost. Zhao Yirui saw through Park Shilu’s liking and frankly stated that the truth of the complaint was not Wu Xiuya. When Park Shilu heard that she had chased, Zhao Yirui comforted herself. Pu Shilu chased Wu Xiuya, who was waiting alone, and sincerely apologized to her.

Pu Shilu asked Wu Xiuya not to care about him, he would ruin her elder family. Wu Xiuya silently shed tears on the bus. Park Shilu outside the car dialed a friend’s phone. Sure enough, as President Zhang said, he has only a shop for ten years. Of course not, this time Park Shilu still has the proceeds of the trading fund, 1.9 billion! President Zhang finally knew that the stock price that plunged due to Zhang Genyuan’s bad behavior eight years ago was absorbed by Park Shilu with his father’s death insurance fund, and is now on the shareholder list. President Zhang took someone to Gan Li and looked at Pu Shilu far away. The two finally met as an opponent. Pu Shilu calmly said to him, welcome to Gan Li!

Itaewon Class Episode 5 Review

Zhao Yirui wanted to work in the Park Shilu store. Who expected that Park Shilu had hired someone. This person is none other than Zhang Genxiu. Zhang Genxiu had a deformed childhood. His half-brother violently confronted him from an early age. His indifferent father and greedy vanity mother all made Zhang Genxiu frantically want to escape the Zhang family. Without hope in his heart, he would not be disappointed, so he came to Seoul alone. Free, but lonely.

Itaewon Class Episode 5 Review

After meeting Park Shilu, he felt that he had met the real “adult” for the first time in his life. Because he suffered huge losses, he calmly assumed and comforted himself. Although there is only one side, he has grown up relying on his ideas. Zhao Yirui said after hearing that he was still very happy, he worked as a waiter, then she was the lobby manager. Zhao Yirui successfully proved to Park Shilu the necessity of hiring himself. Regardless of the service method, recipe design, and flavor, Zhao Yirui’s eloquence made everyone speechless. However, due to cost issues, Park Shilu admitted that there was no way to hire another person. Park Shilu once again asked her real purpose. Zhao Yirui bluntly said that her instinct made her feel that he could let himself bet on his life.

Chairman Zhang found that Jiang Minzhen’s camp held more than 25% of the shares of the elder family, and he tested it. Gan Li’s renovation started, the decoration was trimmed to make more space, the signature dish design, the purchase cost was saved, and the lighting adjustment details were laid out. Zhao Yirui’s idea gave Gan Li a new look. Piao Shilu worked in the day after working all night. Zhao Yirui felt distressed after seeing it. He was a little overwhelmed by his concern about Piao Shilu.

Pu Shilu alone drinks alcohol in the store. Looking at the stock of the elder family, it seems that he is thinking about leaving him little time. President Zhang ordered Zhang Genyuan to marry in business. Surprisingly, Zhang Genyuan also hoped to marry because of love. After Zhang Genyuan left, the secretary revealed to President Zhang that Zhang Genyuan seemed to have a soft spot for Wu Xiuya. Zhao Yirui went to Ganli with Zhang Genxiu. The conversation between the two made Zhao Yirui remember the grievances between Park Shilu and the elders, but she did not mention the truth with Zhang Genxiu.

Zhao Yirui is full of passion, using his Vlog and SNS influence, it really opened Gan Li’s popularity. Wu Xiuya looked at the crowd filled with queues and had a complicated heart. Park Shilu and Zhao Yirui smiled at each other. Gan Li’s achievements set a record, but Zhao Yirui admits that these are only short-term publicity effects. The key to improving the revisit rate is still the chef. President Zhang came to the Itaewon shop to taste dishes, and then talked to Wu Xiuya about Zhang Genyuan’s love for her. President Zhang showed his good intentions to imply that Wu Xiuya was standing in the service between Jiang Specialist and himself, and the way to prove it was the sweetness of Pu Shilu.

On the way home, Zhao Yirui and Pu Shilu got off work, but the oncoming Wu Xiuya turned a blind eye to Pu Shilu, and coldly told the other party not to contact. Soon after, the turnover really fell, and Pu Shilu replaced the chef Xuan Yi but made more delicious food. Zhao Yirui was curious about why he chose the chef in the first place. Zhao Yirui Zhang Genxiu Cui Shengquan talked about the bar. The ignorant Cui Shengquan was curious about how to pick up girls in the bar. Zhao Yirui despised and taught him. The three set off at the bar. Then the target chosen by Cui Shengquan was Ma Xuanyi. It turned out that Ma Xuanyi was a transgender, and Park Shilu knew it. Zhao Yirui was not very friendly, but Cui Zhang and the two felt uncomfortable, and Xuanyi Zhiqu left.

Fuxi learned from Vlog that Zhao Yirui was in Ganli and was dissatisfied. But on the other side, Zhao Yirui reprimanded Xuan Yi for his repeated criticism of cooking problems. In the subsequent meeting, Zhao Yirui suggested expelling Xuanyi. He said that as a chef, the level of Xuanyi cuisine is average and transgender, which will affect the business in the store. Pu Shilu didn’t say a word and called Xuanyi to admit that her cooking was not good. But Park Shilu paid her double salary to make her work hard to deserve this value. Everyone was dumbfounded, and Xuanyi promised heavily. Afterwards, Park Shilu openly and honestly explained the existence of Hyun Yi, and Zhao Yirui compromised in Park Shilu’s eyes.

The next day, Zhao Yirui met Fuxi who came to provocation. Fuxi admitted that he had called the police to shut down Gan Li for two months. Zhao Yirui repeatedly confirmed and began to push Fuxi. Zhang Genxiu took Fuxi’s original hand, but Zhao Yirui slapped Fuxi with a backhand slap. Then Zhao Yirui bowed left and right, grabbing his hair and pumping Fuxi twelve slaps. She thought of Wu Xiuya again, and was so indifferent to Zhang Genxiu. However, Wu Xiuya did not call the police, and she chose to give up when the phone was connected. At night, Park Shilu hopes that Zhao Yirui will let her teach Xuanyi. The fussy Zhao Yirui did not expect that he would recognize Xuanyi one day, and even called Xuanyi “sister”. At this point, Gan Li’s last short board, the chef’s skills, was finally completed. Zhao Yirui looked at Pu Shilu, only to understand that the other party knew that this would happen.

Wu Xiuya screamed at Itaewon because of President Zhang’s persecution to borrow wine. Turning around but being pulled by Park Shilu, Wu Xiuya asked the other party if she felt sick. Park Shilu opened the crowd, but Zhao Yirui refused to leave. Wu Xiuya asked about the business experience. Park Shilu was frankly Zhao Yirui’s idea. Wu Xiuya told Park Shilu through a wine madness that she loves herself the most in the world, and she has no guilt. She despised the irony of Park Shilu, but Park Shilu still said softly that she would not be shaken, and she was right. Zhao Yirui witnessed everything beside him. Wu Xiuya finally couldn’t help it. While confessing her heart, her body slowly approached Pu Shilu, and Pu Shilu also slowly closed her eyes. Finally, at the moment when they were about to kiss each other, Zhao Yirui covered Wu Xiuya’s mouth and Zhao Yirui read out the 32 criminal laws calmly-kissing without the consent of the other party is mandatory harassment.

Itaewon Class Episode 4 Review

Pu Shilu calmly said his plan for fifteen years, he will show his stubbornness and common courage. He wants Zhang Genyuan to wait and see. Zhang Genyuan pretended to be indifferent after listening, but Zhao Yirui, who witnessed everything, had a mixed mood. Zhao Yirui and Zhang Genxiu were only fined for writing a review and running. Zhang Genxiu was full of apologies for Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui didn’t care on the surface but kept thinking of Pu Shilu in his heart and secretly painted his portrait in the review book.

Itaewon Class Episode 4 Review

In the Ganli shop, Cui Shengquan was annoyed by what he had done and recalled seeing Park Shilu for the first time when he entered prison eight years ago. Cui Shengquan felt he was rude, but the elder brother in the prison said he was half crazy. Cui Shengquan couldn’t be accustomed to Pu Shilu hitting him, but Pu Shilu did not waver in his faith. Seven years later, Gan Li opened as scheduled, and his inmate Xun Xun brought Cui Shengquan to Gan Li. Cui Shengquan felt that even though time was fair to everyone, the depth of the two of them was far different. Later, Cui Shengquan often came to drink alone, and he wanted to do something well, so he finally became a Ganli clerk. But at this time he messed up all this and was crazy and regretful.

Zhao Yirui tried his best to search for Pu Shilu on the website, and finally cut in from Zhang Genyuan to find the past. Zhang Genyuan mentioned Park Shilu when playing chess with President Zhang. President Zhang praised Zhang Genyuan on the surface but he couldn’t look down on him. Zhang Genxiu, an illegitimate child, was secretly forced to go away by the boss of the work place. After suspending business for two months, the Pu Shilu store finally returned to business hours. Some shareholders encouraged Jiang Duan to succeed the elders, but Jiang Duan was warned with a smile. Zhao Yirui came to Ganli unconsciously, but the shop was not open.

The arrival of the New Year, Zhao Yirui is finally 20 years old, and can enter and exit various business premises, and treats men who are free to talk to others at will. Zhang Genxiu was obsessed with waiting for Zhao Yirui, but Chairman Zhang was also concerned about Zhang Genxiu. Zhao Yirui remembered Pu Shilu again, but Pu Shilu and Wu Xiuya continued to meet and date. Pu Shilu once again expressed his favor to Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya looked solemn but still expressed support for him. Zhao Yirui refused to talk to the guy who had been chasing him. The guy chatted angrily and slap her. Anyway, Zhao Yirui overthrows a shoulder and severely educates a man who strikes a woman. Zhao Yirui ran into the men’s toilet, but met Park Shilu. Park Shilu stared at Zhao Yirui’s swollen cheeks, and did not believe the lies that talked to the man. Zhao Yirui tasted the feeling of being protected for the first time, like the germ of love.

After Pu Shilu finished fighting, he called Wu Xiuya, and Zhao Yirui ran on the streets of Itaewon. Wu Xiuya accidentally said that she didn’t know Zhao Yirui, and Park Shilu didn’t have any doubts after the confusion. Zhao Yirui hurriedly stopped Park Shilu, who left, and said he wanted to repay his favor. Finally, Park Shilu was impressed by the way of publicizing the shop. The woman’s intuition is very accurate, the two women clearly know each other as rivals. After some confrontation, Wu Xiuya accidentally said again that her mouth was missing. Sensitive Zhao Yirui found that Wu Xiuya reported herself, and Wu Xiuya was speechless. Zhao Yirui mercilessly exposes the other party’s psychology of occupying and ignoring Park Shilu, but does not explain to Park Shilu that she reported it. So Wu Xiuya flaunted the truth in front of Zhao Yirui. Park Shilu did not change anything, only understanding.

Xiuya recalled that the two had touched her heart once again, and was very annoyed by the situation. Cui Shengquan wanted to take a bath with Xuanyi, but Xuanyi felt very embarrassed. Obviously, Cui Shengquan didn’t know Xuanyi’s true sex. Piao Shilu’s understanding of Wu Xiuya upsets Zhao Yirui. The two exchanged views on the problems existing in the food stalls. Piao Shilu’s head-to-head killing praise made Zhao Yirui feel emotional again. Park Shilu mentioned his former life, so he took the name of a shop like “Gan Li” (Tian Ye). Park Shilu let Zhao Yirui admit his heart. She kissed Dr. Park Shilu, who was drunk. The next day, Park Shilu woke up and slapped himself hard, thinking it was a dream.

Zhao Yirui became curious about the reason why the profit-making mother got married, and then her mother selfishly denied her assumption of love. Unclear about her outlook on life, Zhao Yirui decided to toss a coin to choose her life direction. This time, she decided not to live according to her mother’s wishes, but to live according to her own wishes. She happily ran to Gan Li, and after seeing Pu Shilu impulsively confessed, she changed her tongue. She decided to turn the man in front of her into an amazing man. She wanted to help him realize his dream.

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The name of Pu Shilu’s shop was named “Sweet Chestnut”. History is always surprisingly similar, once happened in a middle school class. Only this time, the ending seems exceptionally different. Zhao Yirui with IQ162’s super intelligence not only has excellent grades, but also has angel faces. She recorded the video of the violent process and posted it on social media. As an SNS star, with 760,000 followers, she quickly exploded public opinion.

Itaewon Class Episode 3 Review

This time it was the powerful parents who came to the door. Fuxi’s mother, the protagonist of the video, found Zhao Yirui and slapped her hard. Zhao Yirui calmly turned his head to ask his follower Zhang Genxiu if he had taken the video. But Zhao Yirui’s counterattack was just beginning. She calmly told Fuxi’s mother that she would send the bullying video to Fuxi’s classmate boss husband. Just as the angered Fuxi mother raised her hand again, she was caught by the passing Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui slapped back with a quick backhand. Zhao Yirui is an anti-social personality with not only an angel face but also a demon character.

Park Shilu looked at Zhao Yirui in shock. Zhao Yirui said that his father had died because of Fuxi’s mother. Park Shilu couldn’t help but let go, but Zhao Yirui, who had just got on the bus, smiled and said it was deceiving. The next day, Zhao Yirui was educated by his teacher. Fuxi’s mother was the wife of the district governor. Zhao Yirui dealt with it lightly. The seniors of the elders are now arguing over the food stalls at Itaewon, and Zhang Genyuan’s plan is opposed by Wu Xiuya. President Zhang tore Zhang Genyuan’s plan in front of everyone, handed over several shops to Wu Xiuya, and gave Zhang Genyuan a slap in the back. Zhang Genyuan privately warned Wu Xiuya to stand carefully, but Wu Xiuya did not take it seriously.

At the same time, Park Shilu saw President Zhang’s advertisement in the subway station and secretly clenched his fists. Returning to Park Shilu in the store, I received a new courier and decided to promote the store with new moves. Zhao Yirui decided to go to the nightclub with Zhang Genxiu. When the two drove past Itaewon, in order to avoid the child who suddenly jumped out, Zhang Genxiu slammed the brakes. Park Shilu, who was wearing doll clothes and handing out flyers, once again rescued Zhao Yirui who had fallen out of the car. Park Shilu recognized Zhao Yirui but collapsed. President Zhang met Wu Xiuya at home, and once again let her choose between herself and Pu Shilu. Wu Xiuya smiled and chose President Zhang.

Park Shilu was fainted because of overwork, but after waking up, he only thought about his doll costumes and flyers. Zhao Yirui saw ridicule in the old propaganda. Park Shilu asked curiously and decided to go back and try to thank her when she learned of the online promotion. Finally, don’t forget to advertise your own store and let the other party taste it once. Zhao Yirui recalled that ten years ago, he had pushed to run in front of his classmates in order to win. The mother still encouraged her daughter to win the competition after much discussion. Zhao Yirui knew she was wrong, but the mother’s miserable education that only gave her life was tired, and she hoped the world would explode.

Not far away, Zhang Genxiu admitted to his friends that he liked Zhao Yirui. Gan Li’s clerk feeds the cat idly because there are no guests. Zhang Genxiu, Zhao Yirui and his friends came to the food stall of the Itaewon in Changjia. Zhao Yirui was seen by Wu Xiuya with a fake ID, and the three could not enter. So he turned around and decided to go to the restaurant of Park Shi Road. Piao Shilu went out to check the operation of other stores, and Ganli’s salesperson eagerly requested the guests when confirming his ID, but tacitly approving Zhao Yirui to stay. Park Shi-lu constantly compares the passenger occupancy and recalls the business philosophy of Chairman Zhang’s autobiography.

Park Shilu and Wu Xiuya met at Itaewon and talked about business. Wu Xiuya wanted to help him, but Pu Shilu politely refused. He was very professional in his speech, which made Wu Xiuya disappointed and nervous. She found that Park Shilu had always regarded President Zhang as his goal for seven years. Wu Xiuya came to the Ganli shop and found the young Zhao Yirui. Recalling President Zhang’s words, he made a report. Zhang Genxiu’s friends treated the clerk impolitely. After the silence, the clerk Cui Shengquan chose the service, but was blocked by Park Shilu. Zhang Genxiu’s friend grabbed Park Shilu’s collar and wanted to start, and Park Shilu led the other party to stop under surveillance. Zhang Genxiu’s friends still started. Cui Shengquan blocked Pu Shilu and knocked the opponent down again. Park Shilu hurriedly stopped, but was overwhelmed by Cui Shengquan. Cui Shengquan took out the hot soup and poured it on the offending guests. Just as he picked up the wine bottle and planned to continue, it was stopped by the sudden appearance of the female salesclear. Cui Shengquan woke up like a dream, and once again turned into an apology for Wei Nuo Nuo’s clerk.

Just when Park Shilu decided to call the police, the police had already come. Wu Xiuya looked at the police car and apologized lightly for not being able to date. The police told Park Shilu that he had come from the store because of a minor. Piao Shilu looked back at Zhao Yirui and immediately understood. Zhang Genyuan received the call and was told that Zhang Genxiu was at the police station, but he didn’t take it seriously. Park Shilu’s shop was ordered to suspend business for two months, and Cui Shengquan shouted again at the police station. Park Shilu asked Cui Shengquan if he really didn’t know the other’s age, and the other did not speak. Then Zhang Genxiu also broke out. Park Shilu caressed Zhang Genxiu’s head, and the miracle generally calmed the two people who were struggling. Zhao Yirui was surprised.

Afterwards, Park Shilu calmly demanded responsibility and methodically demanded settlement of the assault case. Zhang Genyuan appeared here at the moment when Diao Erlang appeared because Zhang Genxiu was his father’s illegitimate child. He recognized Pu Shilu, and in order to stimulate Pu Shilu, he hinted that he could help. Park Shilu was touched against the scales and angrily demanded that the police deal fairly. Zhang Genyuan smiled with satisfaction. Zhao Yirui walked out of the police station following Park Shilu, who left angrily, and asked the other party why he did not accept help. He knew that he might be ordered to suspend business if he knew to continue. Zhao Yirui satirized the other party because of self-esteem. However, Park Shilu said angrily that people will change in patience again and again. At this time, Zhang Genyuan appeared, mocking Park Shilu’s ruined life because of himself. When it was said that Father Park died because of himself, Zhao Yirui was shocked. Facing Zhang Genyuan’s provocation, Park Shilu said calmly that he had endured for nine years and he would endure for another six years. Zhang Genyuan is unknown. Pu Shilu said steadily that my plan will last for fifteen years-your statute of limitations.

Itaewon Class Episode 2 Review

Wu Xiuya and the police found Park Shilu together, and Park Shilu informed them that they were in Guangjin Hospital. When Zhang Genyuan gradually fell into a coma, Park Shilu picked up huge stones on the side of the road and smashed into Zhang Genyuan’s head. The police shot the police in time and ordered Park Shilu to put down the stone.

Itaewon Class Episode 2 Review

Wu Xiuya also cried and begged him to put the stone down. Rooted into a murderer. Pu Shilu refused to give up revenge, Wu Xiuya blocked the gun. Wu Xiuya asked Park Shilu to think about his father, hoping that he remembered his proud father. His father never wanted him to ruin his life for revenge. Pu Shilu kept thinking of his father’s proud words for him. He put down the stone and cried in the rain.

Subsequently, Park Shilu was taken to the police station by the police. The boy who was protected by Pu Shilu was very moved when he knew the truth about the death of Pu Shilu’s father. President Zhang came to the detention center and gave Park Shilu a so-called opportunity again to make him kneel down and apologize. Park Shilu felt incredible about Chairman Zhang’s thoughts, but Chairman Zhang mocked him for using the so-called faith and strength to reflect in the prison for a long time. President Zhang learned that Wu Xiuya was a friend of Park Shilu and an orphan who was assisted in an orphanage, so she met with Wu Xiuya, implying that the other party would receive a scholarship or even rent. Wu Xiuya asked whether the conditions required testimony in favor of his son, but President Zhang denied it. Before Wu Xiuya left, President Zhang again hinted that she should think about what she should do.

Zhang Genyuan demanded reconciliation. President Zhang said that Jin had already committed Zhang Genyuan’s crime, and Zhang Genyuan was his chosen heir. Otherwise, the child born to the concubine is also a child, he should know how to choose. He educated his son that there is nothing conscience can get, and he wants to use everyone who pleases him as a dog. President Zhang asked Zhang Genyuan to kill the chicken and cook, letting him wipe out the last trace of apology. In order to inherit the rights, Zhang Genyuan compromised.

The police received a hint and threat from the chief, and finally sentenced Park Shilu to three years in prison. The prison was full of oppression and bullying, and the inmates ordered Park Shilu to kneel again and again. Park Shilu refused time and again with his father’s belief that he would stand up and live up to his chest, and he was beaten by prison inmates. When Wu Xiuya visited the prison and saw that Park Shilu was injured, she told Park Shilu that she got the scholarship because she reported Park Shilu and apologized to him. Pu Shilu accepted it calmly, and comforted the other party to decide to do it. Wu Xiuya successfully admitted to Guangjin University, but Park Shilu could not become a policeman because of her criminal record.

Using the library in the prison, Park Shilu read Chairman Zhang’s autobiography and said that he also wanted to try to open the store. Wu Xiuya asked him if he wanted revenge. Park Shilu smiled and said that he just wanted to give it a try. Wu Xiuya stopped Park Shilu, who was leaving, and said that he did not like poor men. Park Shilu said that his ideal was to become a rich man. Since then, the word revenge has become Park Shilu’s new life goal. Two years later, Park Shilu and his inmates said goodbye to the restaurant. He seemed to drink with his father again, and when he was drunk, he recalled President Zhang’s words again. Pu Shilu, who turned Chairman Zhang’s autobiography down, started the revenge plan.

Today, Zhang Genyuan has not made much progress, and he has been on social news for beating employees who do not know him in his own restaurant. Pu Shilu read Wu Xiuya’s letter in the car, and came to the place where Wu Xiuya lived-Itaewon. The bright lights of Itaewon on Halloween made Park Shilu feel warm and beautiful.

At this time, a girl with a scary rabbit mask rushed into Park Shilu’s arms, it was Wu Xiuya. The two chatted in the bar, Wu Xiuya was going to work in the elder’s house, and Park Shilu was going to open a shop in Itaewon. Who knows that Feng Feng turned around and said he would open it again seven years later. Park Se-lu decided to be a crew because the jobs available for middle school graduates with a previous career are really limited. The money Park Shilu left by his father didn’t want to move. In his heart, it was his father’s life. For the first time in dealing with Wu Xiuya, Park Shilu temporarily obtained freedom from anxious revenge. Late at night, Wu Xiuya apologized to Park Shilu again when she was drunk. Park Shilu’s words of comfort made her feel guilty. Pu Shilu was about to step on the fishing boat. Wu Xiuya shyly asked him if he wanted to enter the house to sleep. Hesitatingly, the two took another step back and cherished goodbye.

Seven years later, Wu Xiuya, who had a successful career, promoted the violent bar at the meeting of the senior family of the elders, and put forward the theory of human nature, which won the appreciation of Chairman Zhang. But she was still indifferent to Zhang Genyuan. Jiang Changwu is now an executive, and Wu Xiuya is also the head of the planning office. Wu Xiuya rejected Jiang’s proposal for a blind date, she knew she had Park Shilu in her heart. Pu Shilu’s store in Itaewon finally opened. Wu Xiuya remembered the plan of Park Shilu, who was 22 years old, seven years of crew life, and seven years later, itaewon opened its shop.

Itaewon Class Episode 1 Review

A beautiful girl fiddled with her hair in the sun while frustrated to the counselor that her ideal is world destruction. She said that because she didn’t like to repeat her life day after day, because she had to work hard to get success in the traditional sense, she hated it.

Itaewon Class Episode 1 Review

When the psychological counselor tried to guide her to think of happy things, she laughed. Only when she said all this to her president, but the president told her “Go to death”, she was happy. The girl said that she just wanted to reveal her heart, and then left a confused counselor to leave.

Itaewon, where the rent is expensive and the epitome of the world, is where this story begins. Fifteen years ago, with the voice of the female anchor, this story kicked off. Later President Pu Shilu, who is still a student, was fined for avoiding late self-study, and the head teacher mocked him for chewing up his old success. His anger was immediately suppressed by him. For three years in high school, Park Shilu, who was normal but lonely, had no friends. Only one listener secretly loved him. The female anchor encouraged the listener to confess before Park Shilu transferred her school. As expected, Park Shilu ignored the confession.

Pu Shilu then transferred to Paijin City. He accidentally injured his knee when he was holding a beggar, but he still insisted on completing the police assessment. At this time, the father of Park Shilu, who worked in the “Long Family” company, Mr. Park, occasionally met with Jiang Chang, the company. Jiang Changwu seemed to inadvertently mention that the president’s son was in the same high school as his son, but then mentioned that he planned not to assist the Yingchun Orphanage. Minister Park argued for his reason, but after knowing the chairman’s opinion, he changed his attitude and expressed his support.

Pu Shilu successfully passed the police physical fitness test and communicated with Minister Park in the car. Minister Pu told him that his schoolmate Zhang Genyuan was the president’s son, and Pu Shilu said that he would get along well with the other party. The two came to the Yingchun Orphanage, and Park Shilu accidentally discovered that the girl who was rude to the beggar smiled to her father. The girl’s name is Wu Xiuya. Minister Park mentioned that she no longer assists, but Wu Xiuya understands. Wu Xiuya was very indifferent because Minister Park wanted to communicate with Park Shilu. Wu Xiuya couldn’t stand mockingly and left. The next day, Pu Shilu met Wu Xiuya again. Zhang Genyuan drove a luxury car to get Wu Xiuya but was rejected. When Park Shilu came to the class, he found that he and Wu Xiuya were classmates in the same class, and they also became the same table.

Zhang Genyuan was engaged in campus violence in the class, and Wu Xiuya wanted to stop Park Shilu’s “multitasking”, suggesting that his behavior was not good for him and his father. But Park Shilu was unimpressed, but the head teacher ignored such bullying. Pu Shilu was intolerable and knocked down Zhang Genyuan with a backhand punch. Minister Park was taken to the principal’s office because of Pu Shilu’s impulse. The head teacher punishes Pu Shilu with a wooden stick in the principal’s office. Along with Minister Park, there was also the president of the elder family. The chairman asked that Park Shilu should not be dropped out, but asked him to kneel down and apologize to Zhang Genyuan. Park Shi-lu refused to insist, even if he was dropped out of school, he still had to stick to his faith. Minister Park also supported his son and resigned.

The father and son talked in the restaurant. Minister Park taught his son how to drink for the first time. Minister Park told Park Shilu that he was proud of him and asked him to live with faith in the future. Zhang Genyuan drove the luxury car to the school unscathed, and the bullied classmates looked at the announcement of Park Shilu’s withdrawal from school silently. Wu Xiuya once again rejected Zhang Genyuan’s conversation, and she met Minister Park while working in a convenience store. It turned out that Minister Park paid full tuition for her, and Wu Xiuya gratefully wanted to repay him. Jiang Changwu made a pleading for Minister Park, but Chairman Zhang Yanyan refused. On the day of the university’s independent interview, Wu Xiuya forgot to bring her admission ticket, but met Park Shilu who was running. Pu Shilu used the aggressive method to help Wu Xiuya successfully catch up with the test.

After the end, Wu Xiuya found that Park Shilu was waiting outside, the two smiled at each other and decided to be friends. At the lakeside, Park Shilu took the initiative to ask Wu Xiuya’s contact information, but Wu Xiuya hinted that he was not allowed to like himself, but secretly hid because of his praise. The father and son’s food stalls were finally completed. The two of them worked hard to prepare and spent a good time with Wu Xiuya. Just as Father Park bought goods on the way home, a galloping car ended it all.

At the father’s funeral, Park Shilu kept thinking about the sunset when he was dropped out. He cried very sad, but his father said with a smile that he saved a school uniform. Wu Xiuya wanted to speak to comfort him, but at this time the criminal police came to say that the suspect had surrendered, hoping to reach a settlement. Pu Shilu was in agony, and Wu Xiuya was shocked to find that the car that bumped into Pu’s father was Zhang Genyuan’s car. Park Shilu seems to have found a new meaning in life, and his faith supports him in his continuous search for Zhang Genyuan. Zhang Genyuan saw Park Shilu coming from the rain in the hospital, and fell to the ground with guilty conscience. Piao Shilu frantically beat Zhang Genyuan. When Zhang Genyuan was about to coma, Park Shilu picked up huge stones on the side of the road and smashed into Zhang Genyuan’s head.

Hwayugi Korean Drama Episode 4 Review

This is Hwayugi Korean Drama Episode 4 Review, Jin Sun-Mi saves the zombie girl before she is burned, she gets a new name Jin Bu Jia. Jin Sun-Mi finds out the gate of hell is going to be opened in the human world, she is scared about it.

Hwayugi Korean Drama Episode 4 Review

Oh Gong tells Sun Mi that he won’t save Han Joo if she doesn’t take off Geum Ganggo for him, but Ma Wang doesn’t think so and reveals he will be in tears when Sun Mi is sad. Oh Gong saved Han Joo on the end before the zombie girl approached him. He complains that he is the great sage but has to do the clean job not for her, and reveals he will kill her if Geum Ganggo doesn’t protect her. Sun Mi is sad after hearing what he said.

Oh Gong transfers into Ji Young and tries to steal the contract which Ma Wang signed with Sun Mi, but Ma Wang saw through it. They have a fight, but Soobori stops them and add the clause that points out that Oh Gong will get his freedom that when Sam Jang dies. Oh Gong tells Soobori he will agree it if Ma Wang gives his building to him, but Ma Wang rejects it.

Ji Yong is going to look for another building for his boss and persuades him to accept Oh Gong’s offer, but Ma Wang doesn’t agree and wants to torment him. Then he falls down and gets nosebleed, P.K’s fans take his pictures and think he picked his nose. Ma Wang is frightened and lets Ji Yong delete the pictures for him.

Ma Wang is scared by zombie girl after finding out she stays in his fridge, P.K tells him Oh Gong froze her because she is too rotten and lets him not mind it. But Ma Wang doesn’t agree and knows that she got life because of Sam Jang’s blood. He wants to carry her out when she wants to go back his fridge.

Ma Wang takes the zombie girl into her company and lets Ji Yong takes care it for him. Han Joo thinks his boss is going to have a big event with P.k when P.k park stands under the building with a pack, Sun Mi doesn’t deny it. But P.k lets her burn the zombie girl after entering his car. Sun Mi wants to keep the zombie after knowing she doesn’t know who she is.

They visit General Frost and ask him to freeze her and make her not rot, and asks Fairy Ha to do makeup for her. But the zombie’s eye falls out after Fairy Ha completes it. Sun Mi asks Oh Jeong about the towel which the zombie took, he tells her the towel comes from kingdom hotel and thinks she might a rich girl. She is very happy about and runs into the two guys who buried her.

They visit the gym in the kingdom hotel, but the instructor reveals it’s first time she sees the zombie. A man finds out the zombie hurts his foot while training, then he thinks she was dead when she lies on the couch and isn’t breathing. Sun Mi wakes the zombie up and takes her away.

Oh Jeong visits Oh Gong and do housekeeping for him since the building belongs to him, Oh Gong is upset when he knows Sam Jang added everybody to the chat group except him. Sun Mi knows there people died in the gym and wants to visits a again, but she doesn’t want to go alone.

Han Joo tells Sun Li that his wife doesn’t gain weight after eating many foods. Ji Yong has a meet with his wife and knows that she got a diet tattoo on her arm. Sun Li thinks she should find a way to remove the tattoo, but Ma Wang thinks they should find the spreader first, and lets Sam Jang act a person who wants to get in shape.

Oh Gong goes out with a blanket, thinking zombie turned on the air conditioner, and lets her returns the fridge. The zombie thinks he shouldn’t call her zombie as she got a name Jin Bu Ja, and reveals he doesn’t have to join the chat group as he got a special 1:1 Bond.

Oh Gong goes to find Sun Mi in the night club, but she refuses to get rid of the tattoo and wants to eat more. He doesn’t follow what she said. They visit the gym and think the instructor is the evil spirit when she is going to tattoo her client, but they find out she isn’t.

Oh Gong thinks the evil spirit comes from human’s body when she is weak. Sun Mi catches the spirit when the woman is weighting herself, Oh Gong kills the evil spirit then. Ma Wang thinks Bu Ja begins to stink and asks her what the matter? She reveals Oh Gong keeps turning on the boiler and thinks it’s the case.

Bu Jia is in tear when Oh Gong is going to melt her. Sun Mi sees the misfortune jar breaks and doom of human world, she is scared. Bu Jia thinks she knows Kang Dae Sung when he is hitting the new year bell in the TV. Sun Mi asks Oh Gong whether or not he will stay with her no matter what happens to her, he accepts it.

I Am Not a Robot Episode 10 Review

This is Korean drama I Am Not a Robot Episode 10 Review which I wrote after watching it yesterday. Kim Min-Kyu finds out Aji 3 can cure his disease and wants to get it, but Hong Baek-Gyun refuses to return as he kissed her.

I Am Not a Robot Episode 10 Review

Hong Baek-Gyun asks Jo Ji-A why she didn’t stop him when Kim Min-Kyu almost kissed her after left Kim Min-Kyu’s house, but Jo Ji-A doesn’t answer his question and tells him that she needs a rest. Hong Baek-Gyun lets her take a break in his car and drives to her home.

Kim Min-Kyu tells Doctor Oh that he is fine when contact with other persons since he lives with the robot. Doctor Oh thinks it’s a miracle and persuades him how to find out how the robot cures him. Jo Ji-A walks around her home and avoids Jo Jin-Bae and his family when she sees them. She keeps seeing couple’s kisses in the sauna and reminds Kim Min-Kyu kissed her forehead. Jo Ji-A calms herself down.

Kim Min-Kyu walks around in his house and recalls the scenes he lives with Aji 3 and thinks she is very cute. Just then Doctor Oh calls him and tells him that he might has a friendship with his robot since they lived together. Hong Baek-Gyun gets a message from Pi that they cannot fix Aji 3 currently although the parts arrived. He finds out Kim Min-Kyu kisses towards camera and looks weird when Hong Baek-Gyun returns his lab. He tells the team members that he isn’t going to return Aji 3, but Hoktal thinks they will in trouble if they do that. Hong Baek-Gyun tells them they are going to move out.

Ye Ri-El visits Hwang Yoo-Cheol and complains that Kim Min-Kyu rejects her, and wants a kiss from him. Just then Kim Min-Kyu asks her to go out for dating, she has to leave and says sorry to Hwang Yoo-Cheol. He gets angry after his assistant tells him that Hong Baek-Gyun and his team are in Kim Min-Kyu’s house.

Sun-Hye thinks Kim Min-Kyu is a pervert when she drinks with Jo Ji-A and finds out she lost her weight since she stayed with him, but Jo Ji-A thinks he just lives alone too long and worries about he finds out she isn’t a robot. Sun-Hye thinks she misses him.

Hong Baek-Gyun refuses to return Aji 3 as he thought Kim Min-Kyu treats his robot as sexy toy and reveals he is going to look for other investors and leave his house. Kim Min-Kyu defends for himself and tells him it’s a misunderstanding.

Hong Baek-Gyun tries to look for new investor, but he fails. Jo Ji-A visits Hong Baek-Gyun and takes back her suitcase, but she is blocked by iron gate. Kim Min-Kyu’s servant takes her to Kim Min-Kyu’s house and is discovered by Kim Min-Kyu.

Kim Min-Kyu is very for her arriving and tells Aji 3 that her creator is going to separate them, he tells her he will protect her no matter what he will lose. Pi asks Kim Min-Kyu to return Aji 3 and claims he steal their robot, although Kim Min-Kyu tried to bribery them.

Aji 3 tells Kim Min-Kyu that money isn’t the case since they refused it and persuades him to cook for them. He brings out the dishes which his money left for him and he hadn’t used over 15 years. He lets her sit for saving her power and hurts his finger when she wants to give her some helps.