The Angel of Communication
     If you are here to read things you can’t read anywhere else; you’ve come to the right place. Here you’re going to find entertaining stories, poetry and book reviews. Here you’re going to find intellectually engaging articles. Here you’re going to find courses to help you improve your life and gain insight. Here, you’ve found, the website I affectionately call “The Ambriel Revolution.”
          So why did I choose the name Ambriel? Ambriel is said to be “the angel of communication. His job is to gently guide the human race toward a consciousness of inner truth.” My goal here is to deliver content that helps people find those truths about themselves and the world at large. And the name Ambriel perfectly symbolizes what I would like to accomplish. Of course I’m no angel. Hell, there a times I’m down right hellish. The other writers and artist, who share their work here, aren’t angels either. They are human beings offering the world the best they have to give, and that my friends, may just be an angelic act. One of the many ironies in life is that in all things there is light and dark. If we’re to discover what our inner truths are — we will inevitably discover our flaws. I’m happy you’re here. I hope you enjoy the writing you discover. If you would like to know more about this site visit the About page.
World View
     My world view is inclusive. It’s possible for people, communities and nations to rise above differences in culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender and race. That doesn’t require people to give up uniqueness. It doesn’t require that people relinquish deeply held values and beliefs. It only requires differences are tolerated. It also requires a recognition that there are things that every human being shares.
     We live on a planet that needs our attention. There are many ecological problems that future generations will be forced to face. I believe the challenge of our time is to take what our civilization has learned through the ages and begin to apply our knowledge in a gentler and more harmonious way.
     I believe that there is still a high level of mystery in our existence on this beautiful blue planet. No one really knows what exists beyond our ability to perceive, measure, sense and think. We are limited by our earth suits (our bodies and our senses). To believe we have it all figured out, or to put the universe neatly into a box that excludes mystery and over estimates human awareness is very dangerous indeed. We are all born, we all live and we all die. We have that in common. We all live on the only planet in our solar system that has given birth to biological life. We are all made of star dust. We have that in common. And there is something unspeakable, unnamable, and ineffable in each of us. We all have that in common. The universal that lives on and on. That which recycles itself over and over again lives in each of us. Our humanity combined with our universal make-up is the birth place of what it means to be human. At least that’s my humble (I’m no where near figuring all this shit out) opinion. Welcome to “The Ambriel Revolution.”
Your Resident Blogger
Jessica Lynn