Itaewon Class Episode 1 Review

A beautiful girl fiddled with her hair in the sun while frustrated to the counselor that her ideal is world destruction. She said that because she didn’t like to repeat her life day after day, because she had to work hard to get success in the traditional sense, she hated it.

Itaewon Class Episode 1 Review

When the psychological counselor tried to guide her to think of happy things, she laughed. Only when she said all this to her president, but the president told her “Go to death”, she was happy. The girl said that she just wanted to reveal her heart, and then left a confused counselor to leave.

Itaewon, where the rent is expensive and the epitome of the world, is where this story begins. Fifteen years ago, with the voice of the female anchor, this story kicked off. Later President Pu Shilu, who is still a student, was fined for avoiding late self-study, and the head teacher mocked him for chewing up his old success. His anger was immediately suppressed by him. For three years in high school, Park Shilu, who was normal but lonely, had no friends. Only one listener secretly loved him. The female anchor encouraged the listener to confess before Park Shilu transferred her school. As expected, Park Shilu ignored the confession.

Pu Shilu then transferred to Paijin City. He accidentally injured his knee when he was holding a beggar, but he still insisted on completing the police assessment. At this time, the father of Park Shilu, who worked in the “Long Family” company, Mr. Park, occasionally met with Jiang Chang, the company. Jiang Changwu seemed to inadvertently mention that the president’s son was in the same high school as his son, but then mentioned that he planned not to assist the Yingchun Orphanage. Minister Park argued for his reason, but after knowing the chairman’s opinion, he changed his attitude and expressed his support.

Pu Shilu successfully passed the police physical fitness test and communicated with Minister Park in the car. Minister Pu told him that his schoolmate Zhang Genyuan was the president’s son, and Pu Shilu said that he would get along well with the other party. The two came to the Yingchun Orphanage, and Park Shilu accidentally discovered that the girl who was rude to the beggar smiled to her father. The girl’s name is Wu Xiuya. Minister Park mentioned that she no longer assists, but Wu Xiuya understands. Wu Xiuya was very indifferent because Minister Park wanted to communicate with Park Shilu. Wu Xiuya couldn’t stand mockingly and left. The next day, Pu Shilu met Wu Xiuya again. Zhang Genyuan drove a luxury car to get Wu Xiuya but was rejected. When Park Shilu came to the class, he found that he and Wu Xiuya were classmates in the same class, and they also became the same table.

Zhang Genyuan was engaged in campus violence in the class, and Wu Xiuya wanted to stop Park Shilu’s “multitasking”, suggesting that his behavior was not good for him and his father. But Park Shilu was unimpressed, but the head teacher ignored such bullying. Pu Shilu was intolerable and knocked down Zhang Genyuan with a backhand punch. Minister Park was taken to the principal’s office because of Pu Shilu’s impulse. The head teacher punishes Pu Shilu with a wooden stick in the principal’s office. Along with Minister Park, there was also the president of the elder family. The chairman asked that Park Shilu should not be dropped out, but asked him to kneel down and apologize to Zhang Genyuan. Park Shi-lu refused to insist, even if he was dropped out of school, he still had to stick to his faith. Minister Park also supported his son and resigned.

The father and son talked in the restaurant. Minister Park taught his son how to drink for the first time. Minister Park told Park Shilu that he was proud of him and asked him to live with faith in the future. Zhang Genyuan drove the luxury car to the school unscathed, and the bullied classmates looked at the announcement of Park Shilu’s withdrawal from school silently. Wu Xiuya once again rejected Zhang Genyuan’s conversation, and she met Minister Park while working in a convenience store. It turned out that Minister Park paid full tuition for her, and Wu Xiuya gratefully wanted to repay him. Jiang Changwu made a pleading for Minister Park, but Chairman Zhang Yanyan refused. On the day of the university’s independent interview, Wu Xiuya forgot to bring her admission ticket, but met Park Shilu who was running. Pu Shilu used the aggressive method to help Wu Xiuya successfully catch up with the test.

After the end, Wu Xiuya found that Park Shilu was waiting outside, the two smiled at each other and decided to be friends. At the lakeside, Park Shilu took the initiative to ask Wu Xiuya’s contact information, but Wu Xiuya hinted that he was not allowed to like himself, but secretly hid because of his praise. The father and son’s food stalls were finally completed. The two of them worked hard to prepare and spent a good time with Wu Xiuya. Just as Father Park bought goods on the way home, a galloping car ended it all.

At the father’s funeral, Park Shilu kept thinking about the sunset when he was dropped out. He cried very sad, but his father said with a smile that he saved a school uniform. Wu Xiuya wanted to speak to comfort him, but at this time the criminal police came to say that the suspect had surrendered, hoping to reach a settlement. Pu Shilu was in agony, and Wu Xiuya was shocked to find that the car that bumped into Pu’s father was Zhang Genyuan’s car. Park Shilu seems to have found a new meaning in life, and his faith supports him in his continuous search for Zhang Genyuan. Zhang Genyuan saw Park Shilu coming from the rain in the hospital, and fell to the ground with guilty conscience. Piao Shilu frantically beat Zhang Genyuan. When Zhang Genyuan was about to coma, Park Shilu picked up huge stones on the side of the road and smashed into Zhang Genyuan’s head.

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