Itaewon Class Episode 2 Review

Wu Xiuya and the police found Park Shilu together, and Park Shilu informed them that they were in Guangjin Hospital. When Zhang Genyuan gradually fell into a coma, Park Shilu picked up huge stones on the side of the road and smashed into Zhang Genyuan’s head. The police shot the police in time and ordered Park Shilu to put down the stone.

Itaewon Class Episode 2 Review

Wu Xiuya also cried and begged him to put the stone down. Rooted into a murderer. Pu Shilu refused to give up revenge, Wu Xiuya blocked the gun. Wu Xiuya asked Park Shilu to think about his father, hoping that he remembered his proud father. His father never wanted him to ruin his life for revenge. Pu Shilu kept thinking of his father’s proud words for him. He put down the stone and cried in the rain.

Subsequently, Park Shilu was taken to the police station by the police. The boy who was protected by Pu Shilu was very moved when he knew the truth about the death of Pu Shilu’s father. President Zhang came to the detention center and gave Park Shilu a so-called opportunity again to make him kneel down and apologize. Park Shilu felt incredible about Chairman Zhang’s thoughts, but Chairman Zhang mocked him for using the so-called faith and strength to reflect in the prison for a long time. President Zhang learned that Wu Xiuya was a friend of Park Shilu and an orphan who was assisted in an orphanage, so she met with Wu Xiuya, implying that the other party would receive a scholarship or even rent. Wu Xiuya asked whether the conditions required testimony in favor of his son, but President Zhang denied it. Before Wu Xiuya left, President Zhang again hinted that she should think about what she should do.

Zhang Genyuan demanded reconciliation. President Zhang said that Jin had already committed Zhang Genyuan’s crime, and Zhang Genyuan was his chosen heir. Otherwise, the child born to the concubine is also a child, he should know how to choose. He educated his son that there is nothing conscience can get, and he wants to use everyone who pleases him as a dog. President Zhang asked Zhang Genyuan to kill the chicken and cook, letting him wipe out the last trace of apology. In order to inherit the rights, Zhang Genyuan compromised.

The police received a hint and threat from the chief, and finally sentenced Park Shilu to three years in prison. The prison was full of oppression and bullying, and the inmates ordered Park Shilu to kneel again and again. Park Shilu refused time and again with his father’s belief that he would stand up and live up to his chest, and he was beaten by prison inmates. When Wu Xiuya visited the prison and saw that Park Shilu was injured, she told Park Shilu that she got the scholarship because she reported Park Shilu and apologized to him. Pu Shilu accepted it calmly, and comforted the other party to decide to do it. Wu Xiuya successfully admitted to Guangjin University, but Park Shilu could not become a policeman because of her criminal record.

Using the library in the prison, Park Shilu read Chairman Zhang’s autobiography and said that he also wanted to try to open the store. Wu Xiuya asked him if he wanted revenge. Park Shilu smiled and said that he just wanted to give it a try. Wu Xiuya stopped Park Shilu, who was leaving, and said that he did not like poor men. Park Shilu said that his ideal was to become a rich man. Since then, the word revenge has become Park Shilu’s new life goal. Two years later, Park Shilu and his inmates said goodbye to the restaurant. He seemed to drink with his father again, and when he was drunk, he recalled President Zhang’s words again. Pu Shilu, who turned Chairman Zhang’s autobiography down, started the revenge plan.

Today, Zhang Genyuan has not made much progress, and he has been on social news for beating employees who do not know him in his own restaurant. Pu Shilu read Wu Xiuya’s letter in the car, and came to the place where Wu Xiuya lived-Itaewon. The bright lights of Itaewon on Halloween made Park Shilu feel warm and beautiful.

At this time, a girl with a scary rabbit mask rushed into Park Shilu’s arms, it was Wu Xiuya. The two chatted in the bar, Wu Xiuya was going to work in the elder’s house, and Park Shilu was going to open a shop in Itaewon. Who knows that Feng Feng turned around and said he would open it again seven years later. Park Se-lu decided to be a crew because the jobs available for middle school graduates with a previous career are really limited. The money Park Shilu left by his father didn’t want to move. In his heart, it was his father’s life. For the first time in dealing with Wu Xiuya, Park Shilu temporarily obtained freedom from anxious revenge. Late at night, Wu Xiuya apologized to Park Shilu again when she was drunk. Park Shilu’s words of comfort made her feel guilty. Pu Shilu was about to step on the fishing boat. Wu Xiuya shyly asked him if he wanted to enter the house to sleep. Hesitatingly, the two took another step back and cherished goodbye.

Seven years later, Wu Xiuya, who had a successful career, promoted the violent bar at the meeting of the senior family of the elders, and put forward the theory of human nature, which won the appreciation of Chairman Zhang. But she was still indifferent to Zhang Genyuan. Jiang Changwu is now an executive, and Wu Xiuya is also the head of the planning office. Wu Xiuya rejected Jiang’s proposal for a blind date, she knew she had Park Shilu in her heart. Pu Shilu’s store in Itaewon finally opened. Wu Xiuya remembered the plan of Park Shilu, who was 22 years old, seven years of crew life, and seven years later, itaewon opened its shop.

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