Itaewon Class Episode 3 Review

The name of Pu Shilu’s shop was named “Sweet Chestnut”. History is always surprisingly similar, once happened in a middle school class. Only this time, the ending seems exceptionally different. Zhao Yirui with IQ162’s super intelligence not only has excellent grades, but also has angel faces. She recorded the video of the violent process and posted it on social media. As an SNS star, with 760,000 followers, she quickly exploded public opinion.

Itaewon Class Episode 3 Review

This time it was the powerful parents who came to the door. Fuxi’s mother, the protagonist of the video, found Zhao Yirui and slapped her hard. Zhao Yirui calmly turned his head to ask his follower Zhang Genxiu if he had taken the video. But Zhao Yirui’s counterattack was just beginning. She calmly told Fuxi’s mother that she would send the bullying video to Fuxi’s classmate boss husband. Just as the angered Fuxi mother raised her hand again, she was caught by the passing Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui slapped back with a quick backhand. Zhao Yirui is an anti-social personality with not only an angel face but also a demon character.

Park Shilu looked at Zhao Yirui in shock. Zhao Yirui said that his father had died because of Fuxi’s mother. Park Shilu couldn’t help but let go, but Zhao Yirui, who had just got on the bus, smiled and said it was deceiving. The next day, Zhao Yirui was educated by his teacher. Fuxi’s mother was the wife of the district governor. Zhao Yirui dealt with it lightly. The seniors of the elders are now arguing over the food stalls at Itaewon, and Zhang Genyuan’s plan is opposed by Wu Xiuya. President Zhang tore Zhang Genyuan’s plan in front of everyone, handed over several shops to Wu Xiuya, and gave Zhang Genyuan a slap in the back. Zhang Genyuan privately warned Wu Xiuya to stand carefully, but Wu Xiuya did not take it seriously.

At the same time, Park Shilu saw President Zhang’s advertisement in the subway station and secretly clenched his fists. Returning to Park Shilu in the store, I received a new courier and decided to promote the store with new moves. Zhao Yirui decided to go to the nightclub with Zhang Genxiu. When the two drove past Itaewon, in order to avoid the child who suddenly jumped out, Zhang Genxiu slammed the brakes. Park Shilu, who was wearing doll clothes and handing out flyers, once again rescued Zhao Yirui who had fallen out of the car. Park Shilu recognized Zhao Yirui but collapsed. President Zhang met Wu Xiuya at home, and once again let her choose between herself and Pu Shilu. Wu Xiuya smiled and chose President Zhang.

Park Shilu was fainted because of overwork, but after waking up, he only thought about his doll costumes and flyers. Zhao Yirui saw ridicule in the old propaganda. Park Shilu asked curiously and decided to go back and try to thank her when she learned of the online promotion. Finally, don’t forget to advertise your own store and let the other party taste it once. Zhao Yirui recalled that ten years ago, he had pushed to run in front of his classmates in order to win. The mother still encouraged her daughter to win the competition after much discussion. Zhao Yirui knew she was wrong, but the mother’s miserable education that only gave her life was tired, and she hoped the world would explode.

Not far away, Zhang Genxiu admitted to his friends that he liked Zhao Yirui. Gan Li’s clerk feeds the cat idly because there are no guests. Zhang Genxiu, Zhao Yirui and his friends came to the food stall of the Itaewon in Changjia. Zhao Yirui was seen by Wu Xiuya with a fake ID, and the three could not enter. So he turned around and decided to go to the restaurant of Park Shi Road. Piao Shilu went out to check the operation of other stores, and Ganli’s salesperson eagerly requested the guests when confirming his ID, but tacitly approving Zhao Yirui to stay. Park Shi-lu constantly compares the passenger occupancy and recalls the business philosophy of Chairman Zhang’s autobiography.

Park Shilu and Wu Xiuya met at Itaewon and talked about business. Wu Xiuya wanted to help him, but Pu Shilu politely refused. He was very professional in his speech, which made Wu Xiuya disappointed and nervous. She found that Park Shilu had always regarded President Zhang as his goal for seven years. Wu Xiuya came to the Ganli shop and found the young Zhao Yirui. Recalling President Zhang’s words, he made a report. Zhang Genxiu’s friends treated the clerk impolitely. After the silence, the clerk Cui Shengquan chose the service, but was blocked by Park Shilu. Zhang Genxiu’s friend grabbed Park Shilu’s collar and wanted to start, and Park Shilu led the other party to stop under surveillance. Zhang Genxiu’s friends still started. Cui Shengquan blocked Pu Shilu and knocked the opponent down again. Park Shilu hurriedly stopped, but was overwhelmed by Cui Shengquan. Cui Shengquan took out the hot soup and poured it on the offending guests. Just as he picked up the wine bottle and planned to continue, it was stopped by the sudden appearance of the female salesclear. Cui Shengquan woke up like a dream, and once again turned into an apology for Wei Nuo Nuo’s clerk.

Just when Park Shilu decided to call the police, the police had already come. Wu Xiuya looked at the police car and apologized lightly for not being able to date. The police told Park Shilu that he had come from the store because of a minor. Piao Shilu looked back at Zhao Yirui and immediately understood. Zhang Genyuan received the call and was told that Zhang Genxiu was at the police station, but he didn’t take it seriously. Park Shilu’s shop was ordered to suspend business for two months, and Cui Shengquan shouted again at the police station. Park Shilu asked Cui Shengquan if he really didn’t know the other’s age, and the other did not speak. Then Zhang Genxiu also broke out. Park Shilu caressed Zhang Genxiu’s head, and the miracle generally calmed the two people who were struggling. Zhao Yirui was surprised.

Afterwards, Park Shilu calmly demanded responsibility and methodically demanded settlement of the assault case. Zhang Genyuan appeared here at the moment when Diao Erlang appeared because Zhang Genxiu was his father’s illegitimate child. He recognized Pu Shilu, and in order to stimulate Pu Shilu, he hinted that he could help. Park Shilu was touched against the scales and angrily demanded that the police deal fairly. Zhang Genyuan smiled with satisfaction. Zhao Yirui walked out of the police station following Park Shilu, who left angrily, and asked the other party why he did not accept help. He knew that he might be ordered to suspend business if he knew to continue. Zhao Yirui satirized the other party because of self-esteem. However, Park Shilu said angrily that people will change in patience again and again. At this time, Zhang Genyuan appeared, mocking Park Shilu’s ruined life because of himself. When it was said that Father Park died because of himself, Zhao Yirui was shocked. Facing Zhang Genyuan’s provocation, Park Shilu said calmly that he had endured for nine years and he would endure for another six years. Zhang Genyuan is unknown. Pu Shilu said steadily that my plan will last for fifteen years-your statute of limitations.

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