Itaewon Class Episode 4 Review

Pu Shilu calmly said his plan for fifteen years, he will show his stubbornness and common courage. He wants Zhang Genyuan to wait and see. Zhang Genyuan pretended to be indifferent after listening, but Zhao Yirui, who witnessed everything, had a mixed mood. Zhao Yirui and Zhang Genxiu were only fined for writing a review and running. Zhang Genxiu was full of apologies for Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui didn’t care on the surface but kept thinking of Pu Shilu in his heart and secretly painted his portrait in the review book.

Itaewon Class Episode 4 Review

In the Ganli shop, Cui Shengquan was annoyed by what he had done and recalled seeing Park Shilu for the first time when he entered prison eight years ago. Cui Shengquan felt he was rude, but the elder brother in the prison said he was half crazy. Cui Shengquan couldn’t be accustomed to Pu Shilu hitting him, but Pu Shilu did not waver in his faith. Seven years later, Gan Li opened as scheduled, and his inmate Xun Xun brought Cui Shengquan to Gan Li. Cui Shengquan felt that even though time was fair to everyone, the depth of the two of them was far different. Later, Cui Shengquan often came to drink alone, and he wanted to do something well, so he finally became a Ganli clerk. But at this time he messed up all this and was crazy and regretful.

Zhao Yirui tried his best to search for Pu Shilu on the website, and finally cut in from Zhang Genyuan to find the past. Zhang Genyuan mentioned Park Shilu when playing chess with President Zhang. President Zhang praised Zhang Genyuan on the surface but he couldn’t look down on him. Zhang Genxiu, an illegitimate child, was secretly forced to go away by the boss of the work place. After suspending business for two months, the Pu Shilu store finally returned to business hours. Some shareholders encouraged Jiang Duan to succeed the elders, but Jiang Duan was warned with a smile. Zhao Yirui came to Ganli unconsciously, but the shop was not open.

The arrival of the New Year, Zhao Yirui is finally 20 years old, and can enter and exit various business premises, and treats men who are free to talk to others at will. Zhang Genxiu was obsessed with waiting for Zhao Yirui, but Chairman Zhang was also concerned about Zhang Genxiu. Zhao Yirui remembered Pu Shilu again, but Pu Shilu and Wu Xiuya continued to meet and date. Pu Shilu once again expressed his favor to Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya looked solemn but still expressed support for him. Zhao Yirui refused to talk to the guy who had been chasing him. The guy chatted angrily and slap her. Anyway, Zhao Yirui overthrows a shoulder and severely educates a man who strikes a woman. Zhao Yirui ran into the men’s toilet, but met Park Shilu. Park Shilu stared at Zhao Yirui’s swollen cheeks, and did not believe the lies that talked to the man. Zhao Yirui tasted the feeling of being protected for the first time, like the germ of love.

After Pu Shilu finished fighting, he called Wu Xiuya, and Zhao Yirui ran on the streets of Itaewon. Wu Xiuya accidentally said that she didn’t know Zhao Yirui, and Park Shilu didn’t have any doubts after the confusion. Zhao Yirui hurriedly stopped Park Shilu, who left, and said he wanted to repay his favor. Finally, Park Shilu was impressed by the way of publicizing the shop. The woman’s intuition is very accurate, the two women clearly know each other as rivals. After some confrontation, Wu Xiuya accidentally said again that her mouth was missing. Sensitive Zhao Yirui found that Wu Xiuya reported herself, and Wu Xiuya was speechless. Zhao Yirui mercilessly exposes the other party’s psychology of occupying and ignoring Park Shilu, but does not explain to Park Shilu that she reported it. So Wu Xiuya flaunted the truth in front of Zhao Yirui. Park Shilu did not change anything, only understanding.

Xiuya recalled that the two had touched her heart once again, and was very annoyed by the situation. Cui Shengquan wanted to take a bath with Xuanyi, but Xuanyi felt very embarrassed. Obviously, Cui Shengquan didn’t know Xuanyi’s true sex. Piao Shilu’s understanding of Wu Xiuya upsets Zhao Yirui. The two exchanged views on the problems existing in the food stalls. Piao Shilu’s head-to-head killing praise made Zhao Yirui feel emotional again. Park Shilu mentioned his former life, so he took the name of a shop like “Gan Li” (Tian Ye). Park Shilu let Zhao Yirui admit his heart. She kissed Dr. Park Shilu, who was drunk. The next day, Park Shilu woke up and slapped himself hard, thinking it was a dream.

Zhao Yirui became curious about the reason why the profit-making mother got married, and then her mother selfishly denied her assumption of love. Unclear about her outlook on life, Zhao Yirui decided to toss a coin to choose her life direction. This time, she decided not to live according to her mother’s wishes, but to live according to her own wishes. She happily ran to Gan Li, and after seeing Pu Shilu impulsively confessed, she changed her tongue. She decided to turn the man in front of her into an amazing man. She wanted to help him realize his dream.

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