Itaewon Class Episode 5 Review

Zhao Yirui wanted to work in the Park Shilu store. Who expected that Park Shilu had hired someone. This person is none other than Zhang Genxiu. Zhang Genxiu had a deformed childhood. His half-brother violently confronted him from an early age. His indifferent father and greedy vanity mother all made Zhang Genxiu frantically want to escape the Zhang family. Without hope in his heart, he would not be disappointed, so he came to Seoul alone. Free, but lonely.

Itaewon Class Episode 5 Review

After meeting Park Shilu, he felt that he had met the real “adult” for the first time in his life. Because he suffered huge losses, he calmly assumed and comforted himself. Although there is only one side, he has grown up relying on his ideas. Zhao Yirui said after hearing that he was still very happy, he worked as a waiter, then she was the lobby manager. Zhao Yirui successfully proved to Park Shilu the necessity of hiring himself. Regardless of the service method, recipe design, and flavor, Zhao Yirui’s eloquence made everyone speechless. However, due to cost issues, Park Shilu admitted that there was no way to hire another person. Park Shilu once again asked her real purpose. Zhao Yirui bluntly said that her instinct made her feel that he could let himself bet on his life.

Chairman Zhang found that Jiang Minzhen’s camp held more than 25% of the shares of the elder family, and he tested it. Gan Li’s renovation started, the decoration was trimmed to make more space, the signature dish design, the purchase cost was saved, and the lighting adjustment details were laid out. Zhao Yirui’s idea gave Gan Li a new look. Piao Shilu worked in the day after working all night. Zhao Yirui felt distressed after seeing it. He was a little overwhelmed by his concern about Piao Shilu.

Pu Shilu alone drinks alcohol in the store. Looking at the stock of the elder family, it seems that he is thinking about leaving him little time. President Zhang ordered Zhang Genyuan to marry in business. Surprisingly, Zhang Genyuan also hoped to marry because of love. After Zhang Genyuan left, the secretary revealed to President Zhang that Zhang Genyuan seemed to have a soft spot for Wu Xiuya. Zhao Yirui went to Ganli with Zhang Genxiu. The conversation between the two made Zhao Yirui remember the grievances between Park Shilu and the elders, but she did not mention the truth with Zhang Genxiu.

Zhao Yirui is full of passion, using his Vlog and SNS influence, it really opened Gan Li’s popularity. Wu Xiuya looked at the crowd filled with queues and had a complicated heart. Park Shilu and Zhao Yirui smiled at each other. Gan Li’s achievements set a record, but Zhao Yirui admits that these are only short-term publicity effects. The key to improving the revisit rate is still the chef. President Zhang came to the Itaewon shop to taste dishes, and then talked to Wu Xiuya about Zhang Genyuan’s love for her. President Zhang showed his good intentions to imply that Wu Xiuya was standing in the service between Jiang Specialist and himself, and the way to prove it was the sweetness of Pu Shilu.

On the way home, Zhao Yirui and Pu Shilu got off work, but the oncoming Wu Xiuya turned a blind eye to Pu Shilu, and coldly told the other party not to contact. Soon after, the turnover really fell, and Pu Shilu replaced the chef Xuan Yi but made more delicious food. Zhao Yirui was curious about why he chose the chef in the first place. Zhao Yirui Zhang Genxiu Cui Shengquan talked about the bar. The ignorant Cui Shengquan was curious about how to pick up girls in the bar. Zhao Yirui despised and taught him. The three set off at the bar. Then the target chosen by Cui Shengquan was Ma Xuanyi. It turned out that Ma Xuanyi was a transgender, and Park Shilu knew it. Zhao Yirui was not very friendly, but Cui Zhang and the two felt uncomfortable, and Xuanyi Zhiqu left.

Fuxi learned from Vlog that Zhao Yirui was in Ganli and was dissatisfied. But on the other side, Zhao Yirui reprimanded Xuan Yi for his repeated criticism of cooking problems. In the subsequent meeting, Zhao Yirui suggested expelling Xuanyi. He said that as a chef, the level of Xuanyi cuisine is average and transgender, which will affect the business in the store. Pu Shilu didn’t say a word and called Xuanyi to admit that her cooking was not good. But Park Shilu paid her double salary to make her work hard to deserve this value. Everyone was dumbfounded, and Xuanyi promised heavily. Afterwards, Park Shilu openly and honestly explained the existence of Hyun Yi, and Zhao Yirui compromised in Park Shilu’s eyes.

The next day, Zhao Yirui met Fuxi who came to provocation. Fuxi admitted that he had called the police to shut down Gan Li for two months. Zhao Yirui repeatedly confirmed and began to push Fuxi. Zhang Genxiu took Fuxi’s original hand, but Zhao Yirui slapped Fuxi with a backhand slap. Then Zhao Yirui bowed left and right, grabbing his hair and pumping Fuxi twelve slaps. She thought of Wu Xiuya again, and was so indifferent to Zhang Genxiu. However, Wu Xiuya did not call the police, and she chose to give up when the phone was connected. At night, Park Shilu hopes that Zhao Yirui will let her teach Xuanyi. The fussy Zhao Yirui did not expect that he would recognize Xuanyi one day, and even called Xuanyi “sister”. At this point, Gan Li’s last short board, the chef’s skills, was finally completed. Zhao Yirui looked at Pu Shilu, only to understand that the other party knew that this would happen.

Wu Xiuya screamed at Itaewon because of President Zhang’s persecution to borrow wine. Turning around but being pulled by Park Shilu, Wu Xiuya asked the other party if she felt sick. Park Shilu opened the crowd, but Zhao Yirui refused to leave. Wu Xiuya asked about the business experience. Park Shilu was frankly Zhao Yirui’s idea. Wu Xiuya told Park Shilu through a wine madness that she loves herself the most in the world, and she has no guilt. She despised the irony of Park Shilu, but Park Shilu still said softly that she would not be shaken, and she was right. Zhao Yirui witnessed everything beside him. Wu Xiuya finally couldn’t help it. While confessing her heart, her body slowly approached Pu Shilu, and Pu Shilu also slowly closed her eyes. Finally, at the moment when they were about to kiss each other, Zhao Yirui covered Wu Xiuya’s mouth and Zhao Yirui read out the 32 criminal laws calmly-kissing without the consent of the other party is mandatory harassment.

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