Itaewon Class Episode 6 Review

Zhao defended Wu Xiuya’s kiss with arrogance and arrogance, and in the name of criminal law, Park Shilu had nothing to say. Facing the frankness of Zhao Yirui’s pretense, the embarrassed Park Shilu could not question. Her rhetoric is watertight, and even calling for a car for Wu Xiuya will not allow Park Shilu to help. But Wu Xiuya, a general, decided to participate in the dinner. Facing the eyes of the two women at the same time, the embarrassed Park Shilu chose to agree. So the meal started in a very embarrassing and indifferent atmosphere.

Itaewon Class Episode 6 Review

At dinner, several people talked about the advantages of the shop. Zhao Yirui talked about Gan Li only got three points, but Park Shilu’s Qiu Chang’s caravan got five points. However, Pu Shilu said that Xuanyi would catch up with the taste of the elders. Zhao Yirui thought that Gan Li would take a different path, but Pu Shilu’s ambitions are far more than that. Wu Xiuya thought of this thoughtfully, and everyone certainly believed in Park Shilu.

Wu Xiuya and Zhao Yirui confronted each other in the bathroom, and 79% of them were anti-social personality Zhao Yirui. Zhao Yirui said that if she couldn’t get it, she would destroy Wu Xiuya. Zhang Genyuan performed very badly after going on a blind date. The woman’s choice of chicken reminded him of the shadows of his youth. Wu Xiuya saw the family portrait on the table of President Zhang and recognized Zhang Genxiu. President Zhang heard that he was serving as a waiter in Gan Li, but he was very surprised. President Zhang learned that Zhao Yirui saved Gan Li, but asked Park Shilu again. Wu Xiuya’s evaluation made Zhang Genyuan present unhappy. When he learned that Gan Li’s goal was to be a chain enterprise, Zhang Genyuan sneered, but President Zhang’s face remained calm. Secretly, Jiang Dean has been monitoring the chairman’s every move.

Zhao Yirui’s mother learned that Zhao Yirui did not attend university, but Zhao Yirui was still planning for Gan Li’s future. Sure enough, after Zhao Yirui returned home, her mother had a sudden attack and packed her luggage to let Zhao Yirui leave the house. Facing the tearful mother, Zhao Yirui thanked her mother and promised that she would have both love and success. Zhao Yirui and other people ran on Park Shilu at night, and Park Shilu discovered Zhao Yirui’s anomaly. Mentioned that he did not stop Zhao Yirui from working, but frankly needed her. Zhao Yirui was very happy to hear him say that. The new recruitment began, and some beautiful women came to apply, but the crisis made Zhao Yirui choose to eliminate. Then black Jin Toni came to apply, Zhao Yirui finally nodded his answer. After Zhao Yirui moved, he received a phone call from the TV station PD, Gan Li obtained a place to participate in the show, and Zhang Genxiu discovered Zhao Yirui’s feelings for Park Shilu.

Wu Xiuya behind Park Shilu learned that Park Shilu participated in the strongest caravan. Wu Xiuya expressed her position on Park Shilu, and it happened that Zhang Genyuan, who came to her, saw the intimate contact between the two. Zhang Genyuan knocked on the meaning of President Zhang and wanted to get rid of Park Shilu. But President Zhang thought that Park Shilu’s achievement was nothing more than that. President Zhang told Zhang Genyuan that if he could make Wu Xiuya a daughter-in-law, he would no longer let him blind date, and paying attention to Pu Shilu was only a test of Wu Xiuya. Pu Shilu entered the TV station, but found that Zhang Genyuan happened to be in charge of the show. Zhang Genyuan used Wu Xiuya to provoke Park Shilu and poked at each other. Pu Shilu learned of Wu Xiuya’s plight from Zhang Genyuan.

Later, Zhang Genyuan also hinted that Wu Xiuya would trouble Park Shilu on the show, and Wu Xiuya was mad to hang up the phone. On the other side, Zhao Yirui hangs up the phone annoyed because of the show, and Park Shilu just happens to come in. Park Shilu recalled the words of Wu Xiuya and Zhang Genyuan, and offered to walk away to Zhao Yirui who came to comfort. Wu Xiuya encountered Park Shilu’s mention of the broadcast, but Park Shilu exposed it lightly. And this time Park Shilu was extremely indifferent to Wu Xiuya, making Wu Xiuya very lost. Zhao Yirui saw through Park Shilu’s liking and frankly stated that the truth of the complaint was not Wu Xiuya. When Park Shilu heard that she had chased, Zhao Yirui comforted herself. Pu Shilu chased Wu Xiuya, who was waiting alone, and sincerely apologized to her.

Pu Shilu asked Wu Xiuya not to care about him, he would ruin her elder family. Wu Xiuya silently shed tears on the bus. Park Shilu outside the car dialed a friend’s phone. Sure enough, as President Zhang said, he has only a shop for ten years. Of course not, this time Park Shilu still has the proceeds of the trading fund, 1.9 billion! President Zhang finally knew that the stock price that plunged due to Zhang Genyuan’s bad behavior eight years ago was absorbed by Park Shilu with his father’s death insurance fund, and is now on the shareholder list. President Zhang took someone to Gan Li and looked at Pu Shilu far away. The two finally met as an opponent. Pu Shilu calmly said to him, welcome to Gan Li!

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