Itaewon Class Episode 7 Review

Zhao Yirui ordered the meal for President Zhang, but President Zhang proposed a soup, a dish and a shochu test. While tasting the dishes, President Zhang asked the reason why Park Shilu took advantage of the stock of the long family. Wu Xiuya was surprised when she heard it, and Zhang Genyuan was unbelievable. Park Shilu said it was for the benefit, but President Zhang did not believe it. After using the meal, President Zhang once again despised Park Shilu and mentioned Father Park. Pu Shilu once again mocked him back with the words that Chairman Zhang used to describe himself, and Pu Shilu clearly told him his goal-to let them kneel and beg for mercy.

Itaewon Class Episode 7 Review

Zhang Genyuan was shocked by the momentum of Pu Shilu. But President Zhang said that his counterattack will not be merciless, and Park Shilu still treats his guests with courtesy and bows off to several people. But Park Shilu’s announcement of the counterattack was not an impulsive child’s behavior, but a means of paralyzing his opponent. He agreed to meet with Li Haozhen. Li Haozhen was a student who had suffered from campus violence for years before Park Shilu. He was humiliated and bullied by Zhang Genyuan again and again, and Park Shilu became that beam of light. When Park Shilu was in trouble, Li Haozhen came to the prison to visit Park Shilu. He didn’t thank him for coming to the prison, but accused Park Shilu of using the wrong method. He said that he had been using his own methods to resist, and then he frankly expressed his gratitude to Park Shilu and his desire for revenge. Park Shilu also frankly expressed his goal.

Li Haozhen expressed awkwardly that he wanted to help him. He gently pressed Park Shilu’s fist behind the glass. Today, Li Haozhen has become a financial asset operations division as he wishes, and he obeyed Park Shilu’s command to deliberately approach Jiang Minjing. Therefore, Park Shilu took advantage of Jiang Minjing. Jiang Minjing despised the poor and white Pu Shilu. At that time, Pu Shilu, who couldn’t get 2 billion, impressed Jiang Minjing with his natural momentum. His goal is clear, making Jiang Minjing the master of the elders. He did not want to defeat the long family, but the Zhang family. Jiang Minjing proposed the task of letting President Zhang go to Gan Li for dinner. If she completes this task that makes President Zhang care, she will become his help. It turned out that this is all the roots of interlocking. Jiang Minjing saw the result and made up his mind.

Chairman Zhang and Jiang Minjing played against each other, and there was something in each other’s words to test each other. President Zhang pretended to be “solitary,” but actually had evidence of Jiang Minjing’s cooperation with Park Shilu. Zhao Yirui couldn’t participate in Park Shilu’s plan, and felt depressed. Zhang Genxiu recalled Zhao Yirui’s words and wanted to ask further, but the irritable Zhao Yirui responded rudely and chose to leave. Li Haozhen told Park Shilu that if he wanted to achieve his goal, he was short of 12% of the shares and wanted to destroy President Zhang’s prestige. Park Shilu mentioned that the former criminal police might be the final trump card. Zhang Genyuan made mistakes in dealing with Park Shilu and the company’s operations. President Zhang called Zhang Genxiu, and the two broke up again because of their disagreement. Zhang Genxiu’s evaluation of Park Shilu hurt President Zhang.

Wu Xiuya contacted Pu Shilu. Facing Wu Xiuya’s troubles and struggles, Pu Shilu let her stick to her heart. Jin Li, Gan Li’s new clerk, has a black face but can’t speak English. Jin Yi, who is pierced, may be dismissed by Zhao Yirui. Zhang Genxiu and Zhao Yirui had a close relationship, and Zhao Yirui knew Zhang Genxiu’s liking and frankly used it. She half-truth encouraged Zhang Genxiu to inherit the elder’s family, leaving him speechless for a while. Zhao Yirui returned to the store, and Park Shilu, who had just encouraged Kim Tony to learn English, had to leave again. Zhao Yirui chased him. Zhao Yirui said that even if it was a private matter, he wanted to share with him. Park Shilu compromised, and then gave Zhao Yirui and Pantuo the past on the long-distance bus. The two came to the criminal policeman of the year, and the policeman was extremely indifferent to Park Shilu. But because of his conscience and confusion because of everything in those days, he finally couldn’t help but kneel in front of Park Shih and promised to pay any price. But Park Shilu’s request was that he surrender. As a single father, he was powerless to face his daughter.

Park Shilu returned to the room, and Zhao Yirui took the opportunity to lean on Park Shilu’s lap. She inadvertently found a scar on Park Shilu, and wept bitterly for him alone. At that moment, she realized that her heart was actually love. She vowed secretly in her heart that to protect him from injury, he would destroy all those who hurt him. Park Shilu gently calmed her at a loss. On the return bus, Park Shilu gently rested the sleeping Zhao Yirui on his shoulder…Zhao Yirui saw the hot business store and began to quarrel with the occasional Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya came to Ganli to borrow ice, and Zhao Yirui found that the owner had sold the house. The new landlord demanded a rent increase, which was recovered after half a year. If new tenants are not found within six months, Park Shilu will lose hundreds of millions of royalties, and moving away will affect business. Pu Shilu’s call to the new landlord wanted to communicate, but the call was to be President Zhang.

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