Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review

President Zhang ridiculed Park Shilu, and then let him come to the elder’s house casually. Pu Shilu admitted to the staff that it was the means of the elders, and Zhao Yirui accused Wu Xiuya and Zhang Genxiu. But Park Shilu stopped her severely, and the fierce words made Zhao Yirui angry. Zhang Genxiu chased out, Wu Xiuya found that Zhao Pu and the two were closer, and then left the store.

Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review

Zhang Genyuan once again came to please Wu Xiuya. Wu Xiuya told the other party that he hated him very much and Zhang Genyuan was speechless. Pu Shilu came to the elder’s house with time, and Zhang Zhang stepped forward step by step, and the road of life was almost cut off, just because Zhang Genxiu said that Pu Shilu was very powerful. Therefore, he wants to use this opportunity to educate his son. Not only that, even if Pu Shilu re-leases the house, he will still choose to buy real estate. Faced with this situation, President Zhang’s request was to sort out from the first button-initially Park Shilu refused to kneel is the beginning of everything. Therefore, he asked Park Shilu to kneel and admit his mistake. But this is Park Shilu’s inner conviction, and Chairman Zhang will naturally not discount this proud.

President Zhang told Park Shilu that this was the last chance. Park Shi-lu replied that the only way to end the grievance was to admit the crime and kneel to apologize. Park Shilu, who left handsomely, came out to meet Wu Xiuya, and the embarrassment of the two made Wu Xiuya tangled. Jiang Minjing and Li Haozhen also discussed the current situation of Pu Shilu. Zhao Yirui and Zhang Genxiu met on the road, Zhang Genxiu was stabbed by Zhao Yirui’s attitude, uneasy and nervous about the truth. The two came to the store and Xuanyi told Zhao Yirui that Park Shilu was worried about her. Zhao Yirui eased his attitude but Park Shilu was confused.

Wu Xiuya exchanged Gan Li with Chairman Zhang, and her words were blocked. For the first time in his life, President Zhang was uneasy because of a hairy kid like Pu Shilu. If he declared that he was an enemy, let him chew. Everyone in Ganli had fun at the dinner party, and Cui Shengquan performed Zhao Yirui’s joke contact tips. On the way out, Park Shilu called away Zhang Genxiu, who was not right, but Park Shilu, who had seen Zhang Genxiu’s thoughts, apologized to him. Zhang Genxiu, who was in pain, cried and apologized, leaning on Park Shilu’s shoulder and weeping. The rest of Gan Li came to the nightclub. Jin Tony was discriminated because of his skin nationality, and he left crying.

After understanding, Park Shilu and Zhao Yirui had an argument, which was stopped by Hyun Yi. The next day, several people saw the doorway of racially discriminatory nightclubs being sprayed and abused. Park Shilu, the initiator, communicated with Li Haozhen casually. Piao Shilu rejected Li Haozhen’s proposal to concentrate on investing. After he showed the plan to Li Haozhen, Li Haozhen was surprised. Zhang Genxiu told Zhao Yirui that he would resign in exchange for Gan Li’s safety. Zhao Yirui, who has deliberately ignored him all of a sudden, suddenly took his hand. Facing such a snobbish Zhao Yirui, Zhang Genxiu recalled the intimacy of the two of them. Park Shilu and Jiang Minjing met again, and Park Shilu decided to recycle 1 billion shares. He said that Jiang Minjing was touched by the fact that the shop was a man. Wu Xiuya came to Gan Li again, and Zhao Yirui pushed Zhang Genxiu out to resign.

When Park Shilu learned of it, he retained the younger brother. Zhao Yirui said that Zhang Genxiu would negotiate for his own purposes, so that President Zhang would not target Gan Li again. Zhao Yirui, who pretended to agree to this practice, was suddenly taken off by Pu Shilu, and he threw it hard on the ground. Pu Shilu said that Zhao Yirui was not qualified to be a store manager. Zhao Yirui collapsed and wept and said cruel words. She was angry with Pu Shilu’s intentions and irrationality. She paid hundreds of millions for a part-time job. Park Shilu said angrily that he didn’t want to be the same as President Zhang. This serious quarrel came suddenly and died like a wind. Pu Shilu’s apology did not make Zhao Yirui flinch. Zhao Yirui asked him to come up with practical countermeasures.

Pu Shilu recalled Jiang Minjing’s words, he wanted to protect his own people, do not want to be swayed by President Zhang. He said he wanted to buy a building. Everyone was shocked and looked at each other, Zhao Yirui was unbelievable, but Wu Xiuya told Zhao Yirui that he would not lie and invited her to talk. Wu Xiuya’s sincere words touched Zhao Yirui. Wu Xiuya said that she loves Park Shilu like that. She asked her if he would like him if he changed. Zhao Yirui kept thinking about the moment of his heart on the way back, and understood where his love was. What she loves is the persistent, bloody Pu Shilu who is so handsome and dazed. She apologized to Zhang Genxiu’s coquettishness, Zhang Genxiu’s half-truth confession, direct Zhao Yirui let him not get in the way.

Jin Tony has been looking for a biological father at the police station, and Gan Li suddenly discovered that Zhao Yirui’s social media used his influence to criticize the bad behavior of racism in nightclubs. Kim Tony finally came to work, but he insisted that he was Korean. Zhao Yirui is still tit-for-tat against his identity, but then Feng Feng turns to help him find his biological father. Jin Tony moved to avoid, Park Shilu once again wanted to kill the head, but Zhao Yirui asked to return the work card first. Unexpectedly, Park Shilu carried it with him, and the two were reconciled. Seeing everything, Zhang Genxiu felt sore. President Zhang knew that Park Shilu had bought a new building, but Xin Ganli was told by his neighbors that it was an ominous place where every store must be closed. Jiang Minjing on the other side recalled Pu Shilu’s words and recalled Father Pu. She met Park Shilu again, and Park Shilu frankly confessed her true ideals. This made Jiang Minjing hate and like it, and the two agreed again. If President Zhang chewed on Park Shilu repeatedly, he felt powerless for the first time. Wu Xiuya talked with Park Shilu. She saw through Park Shilu’s care and love for Zhao Yirui. Park Shilu smiled and acknowledged her importance. But Zhao Yirui smiled and came to President Zhang’s office.

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