Jung So-min Shows her Acting Skill in tvN Drama “Because This Life Is Our First”

Korean drama “Because This Life Is Our First” is on air and hits top rating. The lead actress Jung So-min’s acting skill is praised by viewers.

Jung So-min plays assistant writer YOON JI-HO and expresses her confused in “Because This Life Is Our First”, there are lots of touching scenes as well. For example, she cries and regrets after reading the letter which her mother wrote for Lee Min-ki.

The drama talks about a 30 years old woman welcomes her contract marriage. She rejects it at the beginning, but has to compromise because of house. She is moved and falls in love with Lee Min-ki.

The drama is left 2 episodes. Although they love each other, didn’t confess. At this time, Lee Min-ki’s ex-wife and child appear, what would he do? The 15th episode will air on November 27.

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